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Formulating and Managing Business Requirements and Directing Solution Delivery

Our role is to be the link between a Software Solution team, their work product and the Business and other Stakeholders.

We typically work with the Business Sponsor on a strategic level, and define how the proposed product or feature or system enhancement aligns with the organization's portfolio and strategy.

We then work with the business and project team to break this vision down into requirements that support effective and accurate estimation of costs and expected results. In an agile project this is done for each iterative release, as opposed to the single requirements phase that exists in plan‐driven approaches. We prefer an Agile approach, but within the framework of a bigger architectural approach.


Business analysis skills are used to elicit and analyse the needs and wishes of diverse stakeholders and to arrive at a single, agreed upon product vision, by delivering a:

  • requirement repository, as communicated through user stories, epics and other types of requirements, such as functional, non-functional, user interface and reporting requirements discovered during sprints,
  • business rules repository which will be used to achieve KPI’s, design process flows, define data and relationships

We define and communicate acceptance criteria prior to development work commencing.

  • Assist in creating and executing acceptance tests,
  • ensure that the Delivery Team remains focused on the business value of the project,
  • play a role in identifying important requirements that might not have been actively represented by stakeholders.

We review the results of successive iterations with the business stakeholders, to:

  • refine the product's requirements to ensure they maintain cohesion with the business needs for the product,
  • identify and mitigate risk early in the project, and
  • ensure that the right solution is delivered,

by delivering

  • business workflows that show activity steps to complete the business value stated in the User Story and Epics.
    (This is the combination of product flows, system steps, data flows and business rules)
  • mapping the user story realization to the business processes and updating the business work flows
  • updating the conceptual and logical data model where relationships or data requirements have changed and identifying changes to existing SOLAR data structures or definitions
  • updating the Business Process model

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Business Administration Services

The day-to-day operations of a business are essential in achieving any long – term future plans. Business administrators, in their diverse roles, are crucial to the effective and efficient running of any business. partners with your company, either through short term or long-term assistance, to take over the administrative aspects of your business, allowing your team to focus on growing your core business and attaining your next level of success. We are able to assist business reach their long term plans by providing the following services:

  • Co-ordinate with management and engage in planning according to the companies needs
  • Establish and ensure organizational policies and procedures are followed
  • Use a variety of software packages to manage data and produce documents
  • Manage general office activities
  • Innovation through the applying of new methods and/ or technology
  • Schedule and attend meetings, create agendas and take minutes
  • Consult and provide feedback with executives, staff and external stakeholders
  • Identify opportunities to cut costs and improve performance, policies and programs
  • Create and maintain filing and office systems